February and March 2023 reading wrap up

This is the dawning of the age of Andrew writing wrap-ups on time! Hopefully. I will be playing some catch-up with writing these wrap-ups over this Memorial Day weekend, with April’s coming soon, and May’s following after that. February-March really illustrates a transition period towards what has been the dominant theme of my reading thisContinue reading “February and March 2023 reading wrap up”

A late (and quick) reading wrap-up from december ’22 through january ’23

I’ve been reading, but at this point it should be abundantly clear that I haven’t been writing. Part of the delay in the December wrap-up is that I actually wrote about a few of these books in my Favorite Books of 2022 rundown, so it felt unnecessary to expand upon them further. Alas, guilt andContinue reading “A late (and quick) reading wrap-up from december ’22 through january ’23”

A rapid fire october + november 2022 reading wrap-up

Before you ask, I was traveling a lot in November, and then work just got crazy. Also, I was reading a lot, as evidenced by the 28 books I listed. October is my favorite month of the year to read because I get to unashamedly go full-horror, full-spooky, full-autumn. Twenty-one books in that month isContinue reading “A rapid fire october + november 2022 reading wrap-up”

September 2022’s (brief) reading wrap-up

I had every intention of just lumping September’s reads into October’s wrap-up as a lazily do for months that weren’t spectacular. However, I’m already at 12 books for October, so I figured it would be smarter to just throw together a quick, very late wrap-up of all of my reads from September. In September IContinue reading “September 2022’s (brief) reading wrap-up”

August 2022 reading wrap-up

Are we over halfway through September by the time I am writing this? Yes. Does that matter? Probably, especially in one case. August was a fun reading month, and had all of the things I love most: literary ghost stories, some fantasy, some science-fiction, some queer literature, and a new all-time favorite to top itContinue reading “August 2022 reading wrap-up”