February and March 2023 reading wrap up

This is the dawning of the age of Andrew writing wrap-ups on time! Hopefully. I will be playing some catch-up with writing these wrap-ups over this Memorial Day weekend, with April’s coming soon, and May’s following after that. February-March really illustrates a transition period towards what has been the dominant theme of my reading thisContinue reading “February and March 2023 reading wrap up”

A late (and quick) reading wrap-up from december ’22 through january ’23

I’ve been reading, but at this point it should be abundantly clear that I haven’t been writing. Part of the delay in the December wrap-up is that I actually wrote about a few of these books in my Favorite Books of 2022 rundown, so it felt unnecessary to expand upon them further. Alas, guilt andContinue reading “A late (and quick) reading wrap-up from december ’22 through january ’23”

Favorite books of 2022

TEN More or less favorite bookS of 2022 by andrew pieterick featuring ABDURRAQIB BARRY erdrich habib mandel HSU rowley chakraborty DiazCalhoun chapter 1: abdurraqib they can’t kill us until they kill us / go ahead in the rain / A little devil in america For me, 2022 was the year of Hanif Abdurraqib, and afterContinue reading “Favorite books of 2022”

A rapid fire october + november 2022 reading wrap-up

Before you ask, I was traveling a lot in November, and then work just got crazy. Also, I was reading a lot, as evidenced by the 28 books I listed. October is my favorite month of the year to read because I get to unashamedly go full-horror, full-spooky, full-autumn. Twenty-one books in that month isContinue reading “A rapid fire october + november 2022 reading wrap-up”

September 2022’s (brief) reading wrap-up

I had every intention of just lumping September’s reads into October’s wrap-up as a lazily do for months that weren’t spectacular. However, I’m already at 12 books for October, so I figured it would be smarter to just throw together a quick, very late wrap-up of all of my reads from September. In September IContinue reading “September 2022’s (brief) reading wrap-up”

August 2022 reading wrap-up

Are we over halfway through September by the time I am writing this? Yes. Does that matter? Probably, especially in one case. August was a fun reading month, and had all of the things I love most: literary ghost stories, some fantasy, some science-fiction, some queer literature, and a new all-time favorite to top itContinue reading “August 2022 reading wrap-up”

Watching the criterion collection: Pink Flamingos

Kill everyone now! Condone first degree murder! Advocate cannibalism! Eat shit! Filth is my politics! Filth is my life! Pink Flamingos In 2021, the Library of Congress added Pink Flamingos to the National Film Registry, maybe the strangest turn yet in the long life of John Waters’ 1972 film. The Registry selects films for preservationContinue reading “Watching the criterion collection: Pink Flamingos”