Favorite books of 2022

TEN More or less favorite bookS of 2022 by andrew pieterick featuring ABDURRAQIB BARRY erdrich habib mandel HSU rowley chakraborty DiazCalhoun chapter 1: abdurraqib they can’t kill us until they kill us / go ahead in the rain / A little devil in america For me, 2022 was the year of Hanif Abdurraqib, and afterContinue reading “Favorite books of 2022”

Spooky – not scary – books for some seasonal fun

I’m a huge fan of horror. Whether on screen or on the page, I love the thrill of being scared. Every October I try to read and watch as much horror as I can, filling my days and nights with scares to celebrate the season. However, there are many people who don’t share the sameContinue reading “Spooky – not scary – books for some seasonal fun”

Your guide to the major literary awards

As you noticed from my Oscars series, I love awards, and luckily there is no shortage of awards to be found in the book world. But what do these awards really mean? While publishing companies will not hesitate to include any award that a novel received on its cover, some are significantly less prestigious thanContinue reading “Your guide to the major literary awards”

Best of the rest: my favorite films of 2020

Each year, Oscars Sunday is my official cutoff for my favorite films of the previous year list. This year, because of the Academy Awards pushing their ceremony two months, I’ve had extra time to catch up of 2020 films. I’ve already written about some of my favorite documentaries from last year, and each of thoseContinue reading “Best of the rest: my favorite films of 2020”

“A blank place on a map is the most valuable part”: my favorite nature writing

I’ve always celebrated the coming of spring by reading books about nature, trying to defrost from long winters and appreciate the warmer months ahead. The best nature writing helps us connect to the natural world, and better understand the active role we play in its survival. Today, I’m giving you nine of my favorite piecesContinue reading ““A blank place on a map is the most valuable part”: my favorite nature writing”

Midas touch: an overview of celebrity book clubs

As an avid reader, I’d always romanticized the idea of belonging to a book club. Reading was always such a solitary activity for me (and for most people), but the idea of a shared experience reading and gathering with close friends to discuss a title every month warmed my heart. Having recently started a bookContinue reading “Midas touch: an overview of celebrity book clubs”