A Toni Morrison read-through, part 2

Back in February, I kicked off my project to read all of Toni Morrison’s published novels with a reread of The Bluest Eye, which I liked, and Sula, which I loved and ended up being my favorite of the month. I was humming along, and then a slump hit. I don’t blame Song of SolomonContinue reading “A Toni Morrison read-through, part 2”

A Toni Morrison read-through, part 1

A few weeks ago, a foundational belief of mine was shaken. In a casual discussion with a friend, I had mentioned that I will probably suggest a Toni Morrison novel for my book club when it was next my turn. “I don’t know who that is,” they responded. I was in disbelief, and, unable toContinue reading “A Toni Morrison read-through, part 1”