October 2021 reading wrap-up

October arrived, so naturally I read cozy mysteries, romances, and historical fiction all month long to celebrate! Just kidding! This month, I read the highest concentration of horror and spooky books than I ever have in my life. I enjoyed quite a few, hated some, and found a brand new favorite among the bunch. ThisContinue reading “October 2021 reading wrap-up”

Spooky – not scary – books for some seasonal fun

I’m a huge fan of horror. Whether on screen or on the page, I love the thrill of being scared. Every October I try to read and watch as much horror as I can, filling my days and nights with scares to celebrate the season. However, there are many people who don’t share the sameContinue reading “Spooky – not scary – books for some seasonal fun”

Your guide to the major literary awards

As you noticed from my Oscars series, I love awards, and luckily there is no shortage of awards to be found in the book world. But what do these awards really mean? While publishing companies will not hesitate to include any award that a novel received on its cover, some are significantly less prestigious thanContinue reading “Your guide to the major literary awards”